Mobile Library Service- This service enables to disseminate information by mobile vans and caters to rural zones and outskirts of Delhi.

Resettlement Colony Library service- This service is provided to the economically weaker strata of the society by providing them newspapers and other reading materials.

Community Library Service: DPL has 6 community library services catering to specific regions in Delhi.

Braille Library Service: This is the most important service provided by DPL. This is a commendable work of DPL and certainly DPL deserves accolades for the precious service it is rendering to the visually challenged.

Service Service

Services to the prisoners- Delhi Public Library extends its arm of support to the inmates of Tihar Jail by offering them the facilities of reading and reforming them by providing the ray of knowledge.

Reading Rooms (Use of periodicals and newspapers): The library is continuously engaged in developing reading interests among the people of the National Capital Territory of Delhi. The provision of Reading Rooms have been made in all the service units to provide information on various walks of life by making available daily newspapers and popular periodicals.A special provision has been made in the South Zone Library Sarojini Nagar for students especially preparing for competitive exams having a place where they can bring their own books, notes etc and study in the cool and conducive atmosphere of the library. Reading is a pleasure and with surroundings so serene, serious, and concentrate is a boon. This section is very much appreciated by the readers who sit there undisturbed, and study.

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