Rules and Regulations

  • Only persons residing or having their place or business within the Union Territory of Delhi Shall be registered as members. Reading materials shall be lent for home reading only to registered members.
  • Persons falling under the below mentioned categories may be enrolled as members of the Library on their own responsibility
  • To get registered as a member, a person shall fill up and sign the prescribed membership form, obtainable on payment of Rs.2/-. A member shall not be required to pay any subscription or fee.
  • The public shall be admitted to the Library or any of its units only during its working hours, which shall be fixed by the Director from time to time.
Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations
  • A person shall not bring into any part of the building any wheeled vehicle or conveyance. Those shall be parked only at the place provided for the purpose. The owner of such vehicles shall make their own arrangements for the safe custody of their vehicles. The Board and other officials of the Library shall not be responsible for any loss or damage done to such vehicles while parked inside Library premises.
  • Readers shall be responsible for any damage done to the Books or other property belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such books or other property damaged or pay the value thereof. If one book of a set is damaged the person responsible shall be liable to replace the whole set or pay the value thereof.
  • Books and other reading material must not be removed from the Reference Library, Readers will be held responsible for books issued to or consulted by them inside the Reference Library for any loss or damage such books may sustain.
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Rules and Regulations
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