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Library collection is obviously one of the most important basic resources upon which the utility of library depends. Library collection is precious treasure of library. Delhi Public Library provides a wide range of books, journals and other reading materials in Hindi, English, Urdu, Punjabi & other Indian Languages for every one, whatever your reading taste. Library stock consists of 15 lakh books on variety of subjects including Books for competitive examinations, computer science, information technology, philosophy, religion, hinduism, social science, economics, political science, international relations, language and linguistics, science, physics, chemistry, zoology, botany, medical science, engineering, literature, fiction, history, geography etc.

Library Collection Library Collection

Asian Development Bank Publications: Delhi Public Library has been nominated as Depository library for Asian Development Bank (ADB) publications since 1994. ADB provides Annual Reports, proceedings. This material is kept in the Central Library for the consultation of readers.

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